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Equilus Capital Partners advises clients on investment strategies

Equilus Capital Partners advises clients on investment strategies

Equilus Capital Partners advises clients on investment strategies

For the Capital Press

Joel Frank formed Equilus Capital Partners in 2015 after being advised by a previous employer that the company was going to be sold.

As a financial adviser, Frank had observed in the portfolios he managed that, historically, REITs (real estate investment trusts) outperformed the stock and bond markets.

He is now in partnership with Paul Bondo in the Wenatchee, Wash.-based Equilus Capital Partners.

“Joel’s vision for the company was to grow a multi-generation legacy from a sustainable model where all the players thrive,” said Rhonda Frank, his wife and vice president of marketing and business development.

Equilus Capital Partners, a private capital equity firm, analyzes and procures income-producing real estate ventures throughout the Pacific Northwest. Property is held in a REIT, and the underlying assets are owned entirely by the investors.

Investors receive their share of 90% of the income produced in quarterly dividends. Tax deductions from expenses and other tax benefits are also passed on to investors.

“Our clients have worked hard to build their nest eggs,” Rhonda Frank said. “Our team is dedicated to preserving our clients’ wealth and providing tax-advantaged growth and stability through income-generating real estate opportunities.”

“We provide education and resources for a variety of strategies that help investors access the real estate and deferral of capital gains tax on the sale of certain highly appreciated assets,” she said.

Other products include UPREITs (Umbrella Partnership Real Estate Investment Trusts), installment sales trusts and self-directed IRAs.

“At the show, we will present our REIT opportunities and highlight one of our capital gains tax deferral strategies, the 721 UPREIT Exchange,” Frank said.

With 50% of their clientele in the ag sector, Equilus has also helped farmers with succession planning for many years. They assist clients in buying and selling businesses, business transitions, farm estate planning and capital gains tax deferral.

“What makes us different is the depth of knowledge and experience shared by the team,” Frank said. “Joel’s background is in ranching and he has firsthand knowledge of many of the challenges that farmers and ranchers face.

“Our management team sources investment opportunities through acquisitions and joint-ventures with real estate developers to create a robust and diverse portfolio,” Frank said.

“We love working with the ag community, and we speak their language,” she said.