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Brim Tractor Company offers what farms of all sizes need

Brim Tractor Company offers what farms of all sizes need

Brim Tractor Company offers what farms of all sizes need

For the Capital Press

Bill Brim was just 22 when he became part owner of his first tractor dealership.

In 1966, he and his wife, Margaret, founded Brim Tractor Company in Lynden, Wash.

Bill Brim brought the first hydraulic-arm Bomford mower into the U.S. from England, transforming the maintenance of roadsides and freeways. The venture was successful; Brim still sells several of the tractor combinations to municipalities every year.

Brim’s sons Bob, Alan and Dave pioneered a new market when they computerized the company in the late 1970s. They formed Dealer Information Systems Corp., now a leading business management software provider to agricultural, construction, truck refrigeration and lift truck dealers throughout North America.

Another son, Dan, purchased the business in 1997 and started expanding it. Today there are six Brim dealerships in Oregon and Washington.

“Working with farmers is fantastic,” said Mike Poston, manager of Brim’s Salem store. “They are essential workers, so we have been able to stay open through the difficult times.”

Also, with more time at home, hobby farmers and residential homeowners are buying equipment at an accelerated pace.

However, Brim’s big focus remains large-scale ag, including the hay and forage, grass seed, hazelnut and wine grape industries.

Their primary lines are New Holland, JBC and Yanmar, with several others to ensure they can meet every customer’s needs.

“The technology required to maintain a machine is almost the same as that needed to maintain a body,” Poston said, “There are many advancements that help you fix equipment quicker, make the machines run smoother and make the customer more money.

“Some of these tractors drive themselves and the attachment behind it tells the tractor what to do,” Poston said. “When you have that kind of technology you need technicians experienced in computers as well as hydraulics, engine systems and powertrain systems.”

Brim also cultivates technicians.

“We partner with several colleges and universities; we say they go to college to get their basics and come to Brim for their master’s and doctorate degrees,” Poston said. “The amount of training you’re going to get coming to work for a dealership is incredible.

“To have younger people coming in who are already so familiar with computers is a breath of fresh air and a fun situation to be in,” Poston said. “Our leading-edge service is part of the Brim advantage and we want every customer to have the Brim experience.”

Representatives of Brim will be available during the Northwest Ag Show to discuss the needs of visitors.